It’s time to take W.I.F.M behind the barn and shoot it!

Posted On: November 1, 2019

…or at the very least, let’s rename this badboy acronym.

I am on a mission to change this very outdated and obnoxious acronym from “What’s In For Me?” to “What’s In It For Mankind?!”

It’s time to flip the script and although there are a lot of people who “get it” and who truly are givers, we could use more in the world. Here are a couple of real life examples or recent W.I.F.M. experiences:

Me: “I just got ____________ an interview with __________ company. The interview went really well! I hope they hire him!”

Anonymous networking client: "How much time did you spend on that?"

Me: "About an hour. I first chatted with (person seeking employment) and then forwarded their resume to some contacts that could benefit from their skill set."

Anonymous Networking Client: “So, what do you get out of that?”

Me: sigh “I like helping people.”

Anonymous: "I get that but that’s an hour of your time. You have to ask yourself “What’s In It For Me?” all the time. If it’s not going to benefit you – move on to something or someone who will!"

Me: ***puke.***

Coversation #2:

This is a phone call I placed last week...

Me: "Hey (potential client), it’s me Valerie from Elephant Networking. I was happy to have you as a guest at our last meeting. How was your experience overall?"

Potential Client: "It was great! I loved the interactive workshop you conducted and really enjoyed everyone."

Me: "Glad to hear it & that reminds me…were you able to meet up with Mary(an awesome person in a complimentary field who I went out of my way to introduce at said meeting while recommending that they get together…)?"

Potential Client: "Oh no, I’ve been really busy and the other thing is…I can do a lot more for them than they can do for me."

Me: "So?" (Yes, that is verbatim what I said.)

Potential Client: "Well, I’m just saying that I want to meet with people who can help me grow and not so much the other way around. I mean I would, I guess, if I had the time."

Me: ***puke***

The acronym “W.I.F.M.” is so 1990’s! I was never fond of the “What’s In It For Me” mentality and now I detest it. Everyone, and I do mean every single person in this world, has, does and will need help in their life. Most of us need some kind of help right now!

I find it mind boggling that people look at others and at life with this attitude. If you only want to connect with people who can benefit you in business and not vice versa, than good luck with that approach (you’re gonna need it!) You will need even more luck if that’s how you treat your personal relationships. And the other point is this: IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING AGAINST HELPING OTHERS THAN WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO HELP YOU? Ok, I’ll stop yelling (for now.)

This really gets my goat. There are so many confusing & frustrating elements to this but let’s simplify it:

·     Karma!

·     Helping people feels good.

·     Helping others IS good.

What if I told you that the more you do for others, the more they will want to do for you? In business: the more you help others grow, the more you will grow. Want more? GIVE MORE! The more selfless you are, the more you will attract. Who’s with me?

Ok, Let’s end on a high note. Here’s another true story:

About 2 weeks ago, I was a speaker at the BOOM B2B Expo. It was an amazing event designed and executed by Frank Gargano and his awesome team. Why is this relevant? BECAUSE FRANK GARGANO COULD HAVE VIEWED ME AS A COMPETITOR. HE COULD HAVE WORRIED HIMSELF WITH LOSING SOME POTENTIAL CLIENTS TO ME, ADRIAN MILLER OR TOM GIBSON all of whom run & own networking companies. Instead, Frank offered us and invited us to be part of this great day and opportunity. (THANK YOU FRANK – YOU ARE AWESOME AND I LOVE YOU, YOU INCREDIBLE MAN, YOU!)

I love people like that. Everyone loves people like that! They’re inclusive, they’re interested in others and they are not so concerned with who can do what for them. It’s brilliant and Frank Gargano knows the true meaning of networking. It’s all about helping others and being a resource for everyone and anyone you can. Don’t limit yourself to hunt for people who can do for you. Do for others and I promise it will absolutely benefit you 10 fold.

So let’s test my theory. Take this 30 day challenge and find ways to help people any way you can. Here are just a few suggestions (for business):

·     Refer as much business to others (even if it’s to someone who will never be able to refer business back to you – even though you have no way of really knowing that, do you?)

·     Email/Forward articles of interest to those who can benefit from the information.

·     Spend time connecting and introducing people who can benefit from getting to no one another.

·     Write testimonials for the professionals in your sphere who have earned them.

·     Invite someone to be your guest at an upcoming event you feel would benefit them.

·     Share the content they have put out into the world (like an article they wrote, a podcast they were on or pictures of them standing infront of their BOOM trade show table!)

·     Call them and get to know them better! Or even better yet, ask them for coffee and LISTEN to them!

·     Share your knowledge. Knowledge is power and when you share yours, you become a resource.

·     Encourage them! We all have ups and downs and it always feels good to know that someone believes in you. Right?


I could go on about this forever but you get the gist of it.

So now, let’s get personal!:

·     Know someone who is lonely? Make plans with them!

·     Give friends an unexpected phone call. Trust me, most phone calls are unexpected these days!

·     Help a neighbor with their yardwork or unloading their car.

·     Invite someone over for a meal.

·     Go through your pantry and donate what you know you don’t need to a local food pantry.

·     Go through your closet (what haven’t you worn in 3 + years?)

·     Volunteer

·     Thank someone! A fireman, a teacher, a garbage man, your waiter! I know life is never perfect but we all have a lot to be grateful for.

·     Make life better for someone! You can do it!

So here’s the bottom line. Over the next 30 days we have one simple goal: Let’s change “What’s In It For Me?” to “What’s In It For MANKIND?”

The challenge is simple for the next 30 days: GIVE, GIVE, GIVE, GIVE, GIVE, GIVE, GIVE and then GIVE! GIVE! GIVE! GIVE! GIVE! And then after that GIVE MORE!!!

And then at the end of 30 days, call me or write me and tell me what happened. Who did you help? How did it effect you? How did it come back to you?

C’mon people!!!

Who’s With Me?